Thursday, December 10, 2015

Elevator Speech

Imagine I am sitting at Christmas dinner and one of my family members asks me "What are you going to do with your YDEV degree? I would respond by saying I am going to teach the younger youth if it is in a daycare, preschool, or after school program. My goal is to always be helping improve the areas of growth within the early childhood community. I would explain how I could come up with new games or ideas about learning a developmental skill or just a new technique on how to teach the children something. I would explain to my family member about how its about thinking outside the box and going above and beyond to meet the childs needs because the young youth deserve all the attention and empowerment.

I would also say as I develop my career I would like to spread my wings and work with earlychildhood youth with special needs. I would like to work with them outside the classroom. I am thinking maybe in sports or in afterschool programs.

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