Thursday, December 10, 2015

Promising Practices

I was fortunate enough to be able to atend Promising practices at Rhode Island College on Saturday November 7th, 2015. The keynote speaker was Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott. She talked about how there is a health inequality. Dr. Alexander-Scott had a lot of good points and topics but she did read off of her powerpoint and it felt less engaging. For my two events I went to Special Olympics and Youth Action for all abilities.

Special Olympics
This really interested me because I have a special needs cousin and I always go to his events for Special Olympics. I al had volunteered for two years in high school for the Special Olympics and it was such a great experience. The two leaders of the workshop were actually RIC professoers and they gave us a lot of information about the Special Olympics and how we can become involved. I was very surprised to learn that the Special Olympics has Olympics for really young children. I was really excited to hear this because I love that age group and over the summer I would like to get involved and work with those kids.

Youth Action for all Abilities
I was very impressed with this presentation becaue the youth of the program ran the entire workshop. The youth did a great job talking about the history of the program and the different programs they offered. The youth had us participate in making a timeline through history about the dissabilites and their rights. I was very impressed they had us up and moving because it really kept me engaged in their workshop. I would consider looking into this as a job in the future because I like how it promotes youth working for themselves and making decisions for themselves. I believe it would be a great program to be involved in.

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