Thursday, December 10, 2015

Life Story

  Out of my list of people who have co-authored with me the person who has helped me the most write my story is my mother. 

          I can still remember when I was sixteen years old I was planning on going to party with my friends. My mom had asked if I wanted to go shopping with her instead not knowing I had plans. I remember telling her I was going to the party instead and she said to me I have a bad feeling about tonight I would perfer you stay home with me. I was not sure I wanted to miss out on the party but I have always trusted her judgement and I had decided not to go. My mothers feeling of not going was a great thing because I could have had a completly different life story. The next morning I had found out the friends who I would have gone out with got into a accident and the driver was under the influence. Thank goodness know one was seriously hurt but they did get into a lot of trouble. 

I have never been so thankful to have listened to my mother that night. I am proud to say she is such a wonderful and positive co-author in my life story. 

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